Hey guys and yes it is the end no more post This was all part of a communications project………..

………………………… But if u wanna see dank gaming videos and IRL funnies with friends including Llama1471 and Kane Rush A.K.A The gamer potato go to the craneberryfeed at youtube.  See u there.  


my animation

Hey guys I know I did not post over the last two days, I forgot! But I would like to tell you about my animation I made a long time ago for one of my dads companies (it’s called dunk trading).
I thought I would let you know about this because it is a good talent and skill to be able to animate even if it is basic (like this one) and yeah. It took me about a day and a half to put the CGI and stop frame together be the result was satisfying. Hope you enjoy.

Toxic gas!

Today i had what was probbably the first time i had a chemistry practical that could go preaty bad and no one messed up.

I was mixing copper oxide and sulphuric acid under heat (if the tempreture went over 40 degrees it would of preduced a toxic gas the when no more copper oxide dissolved into the sulphuric acid i tiped it through some filter paper into an evaporating basin then heated it again to form crystals of coppersulphide it was epic. 

my friends today said that they sould have a ginger in the group and i said “why” to wich they replied because some one needs to be an orangitan. Why i said and they said because everyone else in the groupe looks like monkeys to which i said “have you ever considered the fact thats what we evolved from?”. Then they said you should be the orangutan we just need to dye you hair orange to wich i was like… 

The 3rd day

Hey guys gonna have to make this a short one because I have a chemistry LAT to do so lets begin.

As you may of seen i put the trailer to the gardians of the galaxy (spelt wright this time)  because i think it looks awsome. Anyway school again today and what can i say, its ok. The one problem i have with my form is facebook. With myself not having it when somthing has happend over facebook involving everybody but you the next day is completly different it is like the atmosphere has changed. Have you ever woken up on the day after the clock have been set forward and everything is wired untill you relise that you forgot to change the clock forward and you start laughing at yourself, it was like that.